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Optima, serving clients throughout Oklahoma City (OKC), Edmond and surrounding areas, offers safe and successful weight loss with a team of medical professionals guiding your every step. Let our team of weight-loss specialists at Optima Weight & Wellness help find the right program for you. We help you lose weight and keep it off!

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Optima has effective weight loss plans serving clients throughout Oklahoma City (OKC), Edmond and all of the metro area. Our physicians and medical staff will know exactly how to get you to that healthy body you’ve been looking for. Along with our excellent hCG program, we’ll put you on a healthy weight loss diet that will help you shed pounds more easily. We can even jump start your weight loss journey with a rapid weight loss program.

Substantial weight loss like this is possible with the medically supervised weight loss programs at Optima Weight & Wellness. Don’t just go on a diet. Embark on a weight loss plan journey with our proven methods and strategies.

Optima has the best weight loss protocols and provides safe weight loss supplements if needed. Our appetite suppressants and dietary products may help with any individualized weight loss program you receive at Optima Weight & Wellness of Edmond.

As members of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP), Optima's Oklahoma health care providers have special training in: nutrition, weight loss diet plans, and the use of weight loss suppressants and other appropriate dietary medications.

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Optima Weight and Wellness Center is Oklahoma’s number one destination for weight loss programs and men’s and women’s health and wellness physician care. Our team has been providing outstanding service and helping achieve client weight loss results for customers throughout Oklahoma City (OKC), Edmond, Yukon, Moore, Norman, Deer Creek, and surrounding towns. Our proven health plans have customers driving from all over the metro area for premium services and care that make you look and feel better. Call Optima Weight and Wellness Center today to schedule your appointment (405-715-1919).

*Results May Vary: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.